Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pedestal Rocks and King's Bluff

I was a little worried about this day hike.  I had read a review on from a guy who said this was the most miserable trail he had ever been on.  He complained about the humidity, spiderwebs, ticks, and blow downs.  He said it was so boring that he was going to head back to his home in Florida a day early.

I'm glad we didn't have the same experience that he did!  Was it humid? Well, yes, it is Arkansas after all.  Ticks? Again, this is Arkansas. There were a few spiderwebs and lots of bugs but nothing unbearable with the help of bug spray.

I admit we had fun at this guy's expense when we "complained" every time we had to step over a fallen tree!

The trail was wet and muddy in most parts due to the recent rains but it was easy to follow, short, and not strenuous at all.

We went on a weekday in June and had the place to ourselves.  It was nice to sit, relax, eat our lunch, and take in the views.

We followed the directions on other hiking blogs on how to get below the bluffs.

There was lots to explore!

Here I am crawling into a cave.  Crawling out proved much more difficult and I thought I was going to have to live there permanently.  It looks like you can just walk around but nope, that's a straight slope down the mountain.  It took me 4 or 5 tries to hoist myself up and out of there.

"Take a picture of me admiring this rock!"

Watch your step!  There were lots of crevasses on the bluff, some covered with branches and some not.  

There's an arch rock forming a natural bridge along the trail...

...and lots of beautiful scenery.  The trail to King's Bluff Falls was just as short and easy and ended with a spectacular water fall.

It was kind of hard to get a picture of how impressive this is.  

They wisely put up a fence/barrier were the water drops off the bluff.  We put on our Teva's and waded through the cool water...

...which was full of tadpoles!

Yes, I'm checking my phone.  We surprisingly had service in certain spots along the trail so I took advantage of it before grabbing our packs and poles and heading back to the trailhead.

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