Thursday, April 30, 2009

Overreacting. Twice.

My baby is 5. My baby is 5. My baby is 5.

I'm just going to keep saying that until I can come to terms with it. In the meantime, I need to direct my hovering mothering skills elsewhere. Enter, basil:

I started these basil seeds a couple of weeks ago in my laundry room. I've watered them faithfully, made sure they've had enough sunlight, and rejoiced when they grew from seeds to seedlings. I'm just waiting on one more set of leaves to appear and then I'll send them off into the real world with the big boys:

My sweet, little, tiny seedlings. This is gonna be harder than I thought!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Web Surfing

I had this wallpaper of Twilight on my computer for months. Then, one day, I walked by my desk and in place of Edward's smooth skin and piercing eyes was a picture of a squirrel holding a machine gun. It seems that my husband doesn't appreciate vampires like I do. We finally compromised and now have a picture of the Earth as our wallpaper.

I can't stop playing typeracer. It's free and fun and there's no setting up an account AND it's highly addictive.

This site is a must if you design your own website. Even I could understand it and that says a lot. And I love this list of html color codes. It comes in very handy.

If you don't know about Tastespotting or Foodgawker yet, you're missing out. Yum, yum, yum. Gorgeous pictures of food--with links to the recipes. I've been lucky enough to have some of my photos accepted by both sites. I've also been rejected by both sites too. (Note to Foodgawker: my chicken tacos were NOT dull OR unsharp! So there!)

I could not clean my house without listening to a few of my favorite podcasts on my iPod. Keith and the Girl is hilarious but not for kids. At all. And not for some adults either. It's profane, vulgar and offensive. But I love it. The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack recaps episodes of Lost. And I would be lost without it. Get it? Heh. And finally, there's Public Radio International's ShortStories. Every Monday there's a new collection of short stories read by celebrities. Last week's "Indian Country" read by John Lithgow was awesomely funny and moving. Check it out if you have time.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Tit For Tat

I hurt everywhere. It even hurts to type so I'll make this short. It all started last Thursday when my sister came into town for Little pup's birthday. She spent the night and the next morning I fixed her this...

...a monster breakfast sandwich. My specialty. Two slices of bacon, 2 sausage patties, 2 eggs, and a heaping serving of hashbrowns all sandwiched between 2 pieces of buttered toast. I believe I was accused of trying to send her into cardiac arrest. She was miserably stuffed and couldn't move from the couch all morning. But she got me back later that day by making me do this...

And so now I can't move. And it's been 3 days.
She wins.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Someone's Turning 5 Today!

My baby is turning 5 years old today!!!! Are those exclamation points convincing? No? Here's 2 more: !! No, really, I'm excited about it. I know that turning 5 means that he'll be starting Kindergarten in the Fall and I'm okay with that. Sure, he'll be spending all his time with another woman but I'll get over it.


Happy Birthday Little pup!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Conversations About Money

Recently, I went to the store to buy stuff to make Broccoli Alfredo and when I got home, I realized I was missing the star ingredient--broccoli. I can never remember anything unless I write it down. And because I want to always remember the cute stuff my kids say, I'm going to subject all of you to some more funny conversations with my kids. Bear with me!

Me (mumble mumble years old): When you finish school, we can send out cards telling everyone that you are going to graduate and they'll send you money.
Big Pup (7 years old): How much?
Me: A lot. Like, 100 dollars!
Big Pup: Oh, no, I need 20,000.

Me: I have to go pick up Daddy down the road, can you babysit your little brother?
Big Pup: Ummmm...I've never done that before.
Me: I'll only be gone 10 minutes. He's in his room watching Madagascar. It will be okay.
Big Pup: ....
Me: I'll give you a quarter!
Big Pup: How 'bout a dollar?

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Why I Can't Sleep

It's late. Well, technically it's early. Very early. As in 1:05 AM early. If I go to bed right now I can get 5 hours of sleep. Wish me luck.

I was checking out the World Barista Championship today to see who won the competition and it put me in the mood for espresso. So I decided to make some chocolate covered espresso beans. I melted a couple squares of a Ghirardelli semi-sweet baking bar that I had in the cabinet, threw in some espresso beans, gave them a stir to coat, and put them on some waxed paper to cool.

And then I forgot about my rocky relationship with caffeine and ate a few. Or ten. So now it's after 1 AM and I'm still awake. But that's okay, I'll get in a quick nap after I take Big pup to school. Scratch that, I need to clean the house in the morning. Maybe after I go get groceries for the week--no, then it will be time to go pick up BP from school. And then there's getting dinner ready...heading to baseball practice...checking homework...oh well, at least I have some chocolate covered espresso beans to help pick me up:)

Congratulations to Gwilym Davies of the UK for winning the WBC. Michael Phillips, representing the US, finished third.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

It's About Going Home

Big pup's baseball team had their first game of the season last night. At 7 p.m., 3 cities away, on a school night--but I don't want to talk about that. They lost--but I don't want to talk about that, either.

I do want to talk about how cute they all were in their little grown up baseball pants and their orange socks. Adorable! I resisted the urge to blow kisses at him while he was standing out in right field but I did clap wildly when he got (made? hit?) an RBI. That's my boy! He was excited, too. I just hope he remembers that excitement when I have to break it to him that they play again tonight at the same time that Spongebob vs. The Big One comes on--I really don't want to talk about that.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Frontpage Is So Overrated

The World Barista Championship is being held this weekend in Atlanta and I could've been a contender! Really! I mean, look at me, I made it on page three in my college newspaper! Okay, so I wasn't the best barista ever but I did discover my love for espresso.

Do you know who the best barista in the United States is? Michael Phillips from Intelligentsia Coffee in Chicago. That's who. He's going up against 51 other baristas from all over the world, hoping to be named the winner. Since the competition began in 2000, there has never been a U.S. winner--several from Denmark, but none representing the U.S.

The competitors have to prepare 12 drinks (4 espresso, 4 cappuccino and 4 signature drinks), and I'm sure they are all delicious but my favorite will always be the iced mocha.

Combine 3 cups milk, 1/2 cup chocolate syrup, and 4 shots espresso. Serve over ice and top with whipped cream.'s my favorite summer drink!

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

I was rolling out pasta dough a few weeks ago for some homemade ravioli and look what appeared!

Behold, a bunny! It may not be the Virgin Mary on toast but I think it's a sign, nonetheless. A sign of what, though, I'm not sure. Maybe a sign that I have too much time on my hands, perhaps?

Although it was a rainy mess yesterday, Big pup declared it to be the best Easter ever because he got 2 police cars in his basket. Little pup is like me and was more interested in the chocolate. I declared it the best Easter ever, as well, because this year, no one fell in the toilet! Hope everyone had a great day!

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Friday, April 10, 2009

About Today

It's Good Friday, the trash bill is due, Kindergarten registration is today for Little pup, I'm wondering if the banks are open today, we need to check into refinancing our home, I need to run to the grocery store and buy stuff for the boys' Easter baskets, Big pup is under the impression that he's getting a toy truck, I think he's confusing the Easter bunny with Santa Claus, I need to buy some bedding for Little pup's new big boy bed, he wants something with fish on it, I don't, let's see....what else...oh, yeah, I'm fasting today. But my temptation is nothing compared to His.

Keep your eyes on Jesus,
our leader and instructor.
He was willing to die a shameful death on the cross
because of the joy he knew would be his afterwards;
and now he sits in the place of honor
by the throne of God.
If you want to keep
from becoming fainthearted and weary,
think about his patience
as sinful men did such terrible things to him.

After all,
you have never yet struggled against sin and temptation
until you sweat

--Hebrews 12:2-4

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Roasted Chickpeas

Need a healthy snack? I do. I'm still on the South Beach diet and so far so good. Really good, actually, with snacks like roasted chickpeas it makes me forget that I'm on a diet. WD isn't a fan of garbanzo beans but Little pup and I ate a whole can yesterday afternoon. It makes a salty, crunchy, healthy afternoon snack. And you can pretty much use any seasoning you like--cumin, chili powder, or cayenne if you like it spicy, but I usually just stick to salt and garlic, especially when my 4 year old is around.

Roasted Chickpeas

1 can (15 oz) Chickpeas (Garbanzos)
1 TBS olive oil

Drain the chick peas and rinse in a colander. Pour out onto a dish towel and pat dry. Put chick peas into a bowl and toss with olive oil, salt and garlic. Pour onto a baking sheet and put into oven (I use a toaster oven for this and I think it works even better) for 45 minutes at 400 degrees. Don't bother preheating. Shake the pan every 15 minutes. When they're done, let cool and enjoy!

Serving size-1/2 cup, calories-110, fat-2g, sugars-1g, protein-6g, AND it has 24% of your daily value of fiber.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Bad Day

Last week while WD was on patrol, a crotch rocket sped by him doing 47 in a 30 mph zone. WD took off after him in pursuit, running stop signs and traveling up to 80 mph. After several blocks the little Kawasaki Ninja stalled while turning a corner so WD jumped out of the car, yanked the guy off the bike and put him on the ground. Well, the guy landed on the ground but WD hit the asphalt and tore up his knee pretty bad.

I'm only bringing this up because it reminds me of something that happened to me this past weekend. The boys were at their grandparents' house and WD was working so I spent the day on the couch. I got sucked into watching a marathon of Make Me A Supermodel and after 5 hours I had such a painful crick in my neck that I had to take a nap with a hot water bottle.

It helped a little.

Thanks for your concern.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

12 Out Of 12

While reading blogs last week, Brig over at The Heckathorn Family posted a cute meme about just how well your husband knows you. I thought I'd quiz WD on my favorites, too, and he actually got them all right which surprises me to no end. After all, this is the same person who once brought home a Subway sandwich for me that had brown mustard on it. Brown mustard! It resulted in a big to do where I ended up proclaiming "YOU DON'T KNOW ME AT ALL!" That was 12 years ago. He still brings it up.

Song--anything by Beyonce
He got me her CD for my birthday recently and I have been wearing that thing out. I'm sure that he regrets it now, after having to listen to 'Single Ladies' 1,185 times.

Well, duh. I love milk chocolate, I adore white chocolate, and I'm just now beginning to appreciate dark chocolate--but I have to have it paired with another flavor.

He's right. And right now, my favorite color combo is green and brown--it's no surprise that those are my blog colors.

Time of day--Bedtime
I don't understand how people can get by on 6 hours of sleep every night. I need at least 8 hours or else I can get very cranky.

Drink--Dr. Pepper
Yeppers. I'm a Pepper. More specifically, a diet caffeine free Pepper.

Alcohol--Blush Niagara wine

Store--JC Penney
There's not a whole lot to choose from where I live but I can always find something I like at a great price at Penney's.

City--Little Rock
This is as 'big city' as I can get. One way streets and stop lights intimidate me.

What's not to love?

When I was young and stupid I told WD to go buy me some Magnolias and since he was young and stupid too, he went to a florist and asked if he could buy some. Magnolias grow on trees? Who knew?

I think I'm one of the few people on earth that doesn't mind Christmas music right after Halloween.

I also would have accepted The Olive Garden, New China, Ruby Tuesday, Colton's, Pizza Hut, Jordan's BBQ, IHOP, Sonic, Pasta Grill, El Parian, Jason's Deli, etc. I like food. But not brown mustard.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

A Baby Deer Is Called A...

Do you realize that the last day of school is next month? The countdown has begun here at the Home of the Lazy Dog. Thirty-nine more days. As much as I like the routine of school days, Big pup needs a break--and so do I. So while I try and figure out how he got a C plus on this worksheet, please enjoy today's selection for Poetry Friday.

First Grade Homework by D. Nurkse

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The SB Peanut Butter Cup

A couple of years ago, we moved in with my parents while our house was under construction. I was living the good life. Babysitters at my disposal 24/7, no meals to cook, and the freezer was always stocked with ice cream. And I like ice cream. A lot. So after we moved into our new house, I unpacked my scales and discovered I had gained a lot of extra weight. Like, 20 pounds extra. I started the South Beach diet and lost 8 pounds in the first 2 weeks and I gradually reached my weight loss goal. It wasn't too difficult. But I definitely could not have made it without the South Beach Peanut Butter Cup. And now that I'm back on the SB diet, thanks to all that fudge sauce I've been guzzling lately, I look forward to this dessert every night after I put the kids to bed.

The SB Peanut Butter Cup

1 no sugar added fudgesicle

2 TBS natural peanut butter

2 TBS sugar free Cool Whip

Put fudgesicle in the microwave for about 10 seconds, scrape off stick into a bowl. Add natural peanut butter and sugar free Cool Whip and mix together.

Total calories-270, sugar-3g, fat-18g (the good kind)

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009