Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm Still Working On That Will Power Thing

When I was growing up I remember loving the Frog and Toad books. The one where Toad had a dream that he was on stage doing all these amazing things and Frog was in the audience getting smaller and smaller...oooooh, that was a scary one. And the one where Toad baked the most awesome cookies ever and they had to learn about will power by not eating funny. Even nowadays when my sister and I are eating cookies we will often say in our most convincing Toad voice, "We. Must. Stop. Eating. These. Cookies!"

Last year when my mom was having a yard sale I was rifling through some items and there it was--Frog and Toad Together by Arnold Lobel. What was left of it, anyway. The pages were yellow and it was missing its cover--front and back--as well as the first few pages. A beloved part of my childhood going for 10 cents! Thankfully, my mom let me have it for free:)

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  1. sweet! My mom saved almost all my books from my childhood and they've been on my son's bookshelf since he was born. I am amazed how well most of them have held up.

  2. ahhhhh i can see you and your sister eating cookies<><><>my wif makes, i call them gazzells, but they are really pazzells which is an italian sugar butter creammy cookie from a pazzelll maker{you would love them and especially with taco soup}i am talking to both of you right now ole angie pretty purse and the gourmet cheph ali

  3. Such happy memories. My mom discarded all those books I think. I learned to read with some old Sally, Dick and Jane books around our house. I bought Nick some new"retro" ones when he was in preK or Kindergarten, they brought back wonderful memories. He has some Frog and Toad books too.


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