Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Whenever my yoga teacher tells me to relax and "soften my face" I always think of babies. A mental picture of their smiling faces helps me release tension and put a smile on my face. Inevitably, my mind always goes to this baby in particular...

...I can't believe Nathan is 7!

If only I could get him to smile at the camera like that again!

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  1. 7! I know! I can't believe it either!

    (Yummm, cupcakes...)

  2. How the time flies! My baby will be seven this year too. I just can't believe it!

  3. it seems to me you are not a trump or palin fan

  4. wow 7 already, really babies make you relax?? they do cry a lot

  5. Happy 7th Birthday Nathan!

    Nathan is my hubby's name too!

  6. I love cupcakes! Are you coming to the Arkansas Women Blogger conference? There are less than 2 weeks left to register! Check out our website to register soon! We hope you come! http://arkansaswomenbloggers.blogspot.com/p/featured-blogger.html


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