Monday, January 23, 2012

What I've Been Up To

I was 38 years old the first time I saw the ocean.

That was back in March. I sat in the sand and watched my husband and our two sons play in the Atlantic. If someone could pay me to sit on the beach and read all day I’d jump on that job in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, that job doesn’t exist. I should know, I’ve been checking the classifieds for that dream job since I graduated from University of Arkansas at Little Rock back in 1995 with a degree in English.

In the meantime, I’ve been moving from city to city, changing diapers, watching 6 seasons of Lost, shuffling to soccer and baseball practices, buying approximately 1,185 boxes of goldfish crackers, and doing yoga throughout it all to help maintain my sanity.

Somewhere during that time I decided I wanted to be a physical therapist so here I am…another first at 38…my first semester at Arkansas Tech University.

I wrote that for my computer class back in the fall for an 'All About Me' assignment.  I got a perfect score for that--a whole 5 points.  I actually finished that class with a perfect score which isn't really something to brag about since it was just a basic intro class.  I wish I could say I did as well in Chem I but I finished with a C.  Thank goodness for bonus points and an A in lab!

This semester I'm taking Physiological Psychology and Chem II.  Wish me luck!    

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  1. I miss your writing, but I am so very proud and happy for you!!
    Keep up the good work, it will all pay off!!

  2. Hopefully this will be your last chemistry class!

  3. You're Wonder Woman! Good for you! And you need to see more of the ocean, my friend.

  4. angie....i got a d- in chemistry studying it 31 hours per week and it was only a three hour class

  5. p.s i will be in ocean side s.carloina to see my grand daughter run into the ocean in her wedding dress on may 6th 2012<><>

  6. That is wonderful, so glad you are pursing it. You will do great!


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