Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cast Away

Taking the pins out of Big pup's arm proved to be easier than putting them in.

We arrived at the hospital at 6 a.m. last Friday. I didn't bother getting him dressed before we left the house, I just left his pj's on and I wish I had done that last time. The nurses let him keep his pajama pants on. That was nice. He took some medicine to relax him--it was just as yucky as last time--but now, instead of making him goofy, it made him very sleepy. He could barely keep his eyes open and he was slurring his speech. Eventually, the nurses came in and wheeled him to the operating room, so I got out a book and managed to read 2 pages before the doctor came in and told us they were done. They kept him in recovery for about an hour then they wheeled him back into our room. He was awake, very alert, talkative, and in a good mood. After he had some apple juice and an orange popsicle, I put his pajama top and slippers back on and we both rode down on a wheelchair. From then on it was like any other day.

One more consultation with the doctor in a couple of weeks and then The Broken Arm Incident of 2007 will be over.

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  1. He also looks a little happier with the popsicle.

  2. Much happier with the popsicle--he wanted green though!


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