Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Next Year, Let's Do Nickels

My 5 year old is a very lucky gambler so he jumped at the idea of drawing up this betting chart for the Super Bowl. We all pooled our pennies and at halftime, his block won! But check out that little "AV" block that corresponds to the final score--Saints 31, Colts 17--that's me! Yep, my youngest son and I were the big winners on Sunday raking in $1.85 each.

But the real highlight of the Super Bowl for me was the food. We had a plethora of dips--salsa, cheese dip, french onion, hummus, cream cheese/hot sauce--and 5 different chips along with a couple of desserts. And if I hadn't gained 5 pounds in just that one day, I'd say let's do it again next week for the Daytona 500.

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  1. Sounds like a fun time & I agree usually the food on at these events kills me. This year I didn't feel well so that helped, I guess.

  2. whoohoo on your winnings!
    We had a huge feast too, wings, meatball mini subs, weenies, dips, and decorated Saints cupcakes! I'm still full!

  3. I just watched an entire ESPN program over lunch dedicated to the upcoming Daytona. Of course, they were highlighting Miss Danika a ton. But I thought of you...

    As an aside...does Rusty Wallace have a son that has a bowl cut racing? He needs to get that thing fixed.

  4. I'll start saving my nickels now! Or we can make it really interesting and use quarters!

  5. I am for doing it again for the Daytona 500! LOL! that is because I missed being at the Super Bowl party with you this year! Isn't LP such a clever, and fun loving little boy! :o)


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