Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hope Your Harvest Was Better Than Mine

This picture of my garden was taken in early May. The bed on the left held tomatoes and herbs and the the bed on the right was made up of bell peppers and squash.

Such promise.

And then along came June, July and August with it's lack of rain and scorching heat.


I think we only got three squash and a couple of peppers throughout the whole summer. The tomatoes fared better. We did have to douse them with some pesticide when the hornworms showed up but I was able to freeze a few batches of tomato sauce. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for better weather next summer!

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  1. We had some lousy weather, but, still, those are a couple of nice looking garden beds!

  2. Glad I'm not the only one. My pepper plants withered up and died even with watering.

  3. hey angie, a newly wed talking about beds><>,just sayin


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