Thursday, January 13, 2011

Best Recipes Of 2010

Last year was a slow blogging year for me. In a perfect blogging world I would've posted 52 recipes but in reality it was more like 21. It was still hard to narrow down my Top 10 of the year, though.

Fudge This is the classic recipe from the back of Kraft's marshmallow creme jar. I'm picky when it comes to fudge--it must be soft and creamy and this recipe fits that bill.

Chicken Souvlaki Another winner from Cooking Light magazine.

Muffulettas We are a sandwich lovin' family and this is one of my husband's favorites. And surprise, surprise, it's another Cooking Light recipe.

Apple Pie Holy smokes, this is good. My sister used Granny Smith apples for her centerpieces at her wedding last year and I lobbied hard for all those apples to take home and make pies. I think I need to plant an apple tree this spring.

Baked Beans This is my sister's recipe but I've taken it over as my own. Much like I've taken over her Kitchen Aid stand mixer. She just moved into a house with a huge pantry and I'm sweatin' bullets thinking she's going to ask for her mixer back.

Blondies Smitten Kitchen provided this easy recipe for blondies that reminds me so much of Chili's Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie. Yum!

Pizza Dough From Cooking Light. Again. I love this dough. I've even learned how to toss the dough but my kids remain unimpressed--they just want to eat pizza!

Rice Pancakes Of all these recipes I think this one is the one I'm craving the most right now. Mmmmm.

Curried Carrot Soup Okay, not only are we a sandwich lovin' family but we are also a soup lovin' family. This is one of my favorites from Rachael Ray.

Granola Bars Sweetened condensed milk and butter. Oh, my. There's also some healthy stuff in there, too--oats, nuts and cranberries. Great for breakfast on the go. Thanks to Food Network Magazine for this one.

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  1. If I ever win a new mixer from PW's site, you can definitely have mine!

  2. where is taco soup????and angie over there or up there, what is wrong wioth the mixer you wnt to give away or are you just after a new mixer<><><>just because

  3. You really need to make a video to show everyone how to toss the pizza dough. Impressive!

  4. Yum, yum! That fudge looks like it is to die for.

  5. Putz - I just want to win a giveaway, any giveaway. Tell me when you're giving away something fabulous on your blog and I'll enter to win!

  6. they all sound amazing. i love the recipes you post :-)

  7. you haven't blogged enough to blow an ant's nose, just wanted to inform you and your cute sister that i am in all my gory, no glory on putz blog<><><>picture


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