Monday, February 14, 2011

Best Valentine Ever

One more hour and Valentine's Day '11 will be over. The boys had the day off from school (winter break) so we all went to a local pasta place for lunch. Dessert involved such things as hot fudge, caramel and chocolate so it was a good day. But what really made it special was the Valentine card my youngest son gave to me...

Dear Alison,
you keep me helthy.

Well, aside from feeding him MoonPies for breakfast this morning, I try.

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  1. Too cute!

    I also think it is hilarious that he addressed your card to Alison instead of mom.

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  2. Michelle--I know, ha! He always uses first names on cards, crazy kid!

  3. Adorable, and wonder why he sent it to Alison and not mom.....the things little boys say!
    A moonpie or cup cake for breakfast every now and then is fine....or at least I hope it is.

  4. What a sweetie! I don't think my kids ever thought about giving me a Valentine! But come to think of it, I don't think I've ever fed them Moon Pies for breakfast either!

  5. I think I laughed for a full minute when I read that!

  6. Ok, that is the sweetest thing ever!

  7. Awww! I love those cards -- I'm going to miss them when they start buying them at the store.

    And lookit us, bloggin' again! Yeeha!


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