Friday, August 5, 2011

A Dinosaur Poem...I Think


This is Screature. Santa brought him for Nathan back in 2009. It freaked him out so much that it has been sitting on a bookshelf in my bedroom ever since along with a fake tarantula and a poisonous Shrek glass that we were supposed to return to McDonald's but never did. It's the scary shelf.

And now for a scary poem by Thomas that no doubt disturbed his 3rd grade teacher.


giant reptile, instinct

moving, roaring, drooling

hunt, kill, kick, jolt

killing, shooting, blasting

dangerous, hurtful

machine gun.

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  1. I'm just glad I'm not the only one with "scary" Shrek glasses on the shelf!

  2. Oh geez, that does belong on the scary shelf!

  3. hiya, miss you and your sis but it is all my fault and not yours<><>>,should have been witty and lethal and smart, any would pity that i, m so pretty tonight{from west sie story}


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