Monday, August 1, 2011

Little Pink Donut

Look who got a new toy!

For the past 2 years that Indie has been with us she has never had a toy of her own. I did get her a Nylabone once to dissuade her from chewing on our rocking chairs and she does have a purple squeaky ball that was a hand me down from the huskies but I've never bought her a toy specifically for her to play with and enjoy.

I was feeling a little guilty about that, after all, the huskies had a ton of squeaky toys, balls, stuffed hedgehogs and kongs. So we headed to PetSmart recently and Nathan picked out a brand new toy just for Indie. It turns out, like everyone else in this household, she loves donuts.

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  1. She still needs a stuffed hedgehog!

  2. she is so cute, stuffed hedgehogs are cute our greyhound had one it is the only toy he plays w/.

  3. Very cute! That is one very sweet dog! The donut looks yummy!! LOL!


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