Saturday, July 28, 2012

Snakes And Trains

We were in Pine Bluff, AR today and visited Cane Creek State Park to do a little hiking. The boys are collecting medallions for their hiking sticks and we thought it would be neat to check out some trails in the southeast part of the state while we're visiting Phillip's family. Unfortunately, it's way too hot to do anything outside. Instead, we hung out in the visitor center and Nathan got his creepy crawly fix. He petted an alligator, fed minnows to turtles, looked at snakes and a tarantula, and helped the park ranger put the baby turtles back into their aquarium.

Thomas watched from the gift shop area.

Giant spiders are not his idea of fun.

To make it more enjoyable for him we went to the Pine Bluff gravity yard and spent an hour watching railroad cars being sorted onto different tracks. Nathan loves trains, too, but if there were snakes IN the train cars he would love it even more.

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  1. Where on earth did Nathan get this from?!

    Didn't a tarantula show up at your house and the boys named it Angie?


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