Monday, September 3, 2012

It's All Relative

This is a picture of my sister's dog Sheldon. His crazy Einstein hair tufts at the end of his ears crack me up. I would imagine that he's thinking less about the relationship between energy, mass, and the speed of light and more about how to get that banana off the kitchen counter.

Angie is on vacation this week so our parents have the pleasure of dogsitting Sheldon. I've managed to set up a couple of play dates with Sheldon and Indie and when they get together it's nonstop running, panting, biting, and playing.

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  1. What a surprise to see Sheldon this morning! I sure hope he is behaving himself (I doubt it!).

    1. Actually, he has destroyed all but 1 of Buddy's toys!

  2. His owner, who has concealed her identity and location in the U.S. and uses the pseudonym J.H Lee told Time:'My friends loved looking at pictures of him. great dogs sites


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