Sunday, August 26, 2007

Notes on Bristol

As an Elliott Sadler fan I haven't come to expect much this season. He finished 29th which was better than how he was running most of the race (around 33rd).
At one point during the race he said he had "no front grip" at all but he also said that this was the "best car they've had in awhile" (which is really sad) and that it has been "fun to drive." He sounded upbeat and certainly not as frustrated with his crew as he was a couple of races ago. I sure miss seeing him in that 38 car. Mmmmmm. M&Ms.
Loved the Tylenol Rapid Release commercial where Elliott thought it was pronounced Rabbit Release. So funny! And was it Jimmy Johnson that looked at Elliott and enunciated "rap-id, rap-id?" Ha!
Did not love the Tony Stewart armpit commercial. Ugh.
Oh, and the Wendy's commercial where everyone is blindly jumping into the hole in ground? Very creepy. I imagine CEOs sitting in a Wendy's boardroom saying "That would be a great commercial!" and the 34 year old woman with 2 kids and 2 dogs and drives a minivan bringing them coffee is like " huh?"
Carl Edwards takes the win and we're in California next week.

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