Monday, December 17, 2007

Dear Driver Of The #1 Bass Pro Shop Chevrolet

Before each race, the drivers do a lap in the back of a truck, waving to all the fans. All the fans wave back. That's nice. And when Jeff Gordon makes his way around the track, you can hear a wave of boos. That's nice, too. At least he waves. At least he acknowledges the thousands of people who paid a lot of money to come and experience a nascar race.

I'm looking at you, Martin Truex Jr. Could you, maybe, for 2 minutes act like you appreciate the fans? Give us all a little wave to say thanks for the support? I know that it's probably your least favorite thing to do but do you think that I wanted to spend all night baking cookies for Big pup's fall festival at school? No. I did not. But I did. Because that's my job. And the fall festival would not have been the same without my mexican wedding cookies. So you see, Martin, we all have our bad days. But if you wave, we will all wave back.

Countdown to Daytona: 9 weeks.

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