Thursday, December 20, 2007

Love Is A Fickle Thing

My dearest Sidney,
I just had to put permanent marker to rock and let the world know that I love you. But not 4ever. Not always. Oh, no, our love will end. I just don't know when. Tomorrow? Next month? In 2012? Don't get your hopes up, girlfriend. Live in the moment.
Temporarily yours,

We drove up to Mt. Nebo a couple of weeks ago, intent on doing some hiking, but the weather was not very cooperative. It was extremely foggy so I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked. But I just had to take the picture (above) of some of the graffiti found on top of the mountain. I thought it was hilarious. WD? Not so much. The gift shop was nice and was being visited by an old world Santa. I thought he looked an awful lot like Albus Dumbledore and I resisted the urge to ask him to explain Elder wands and Horcruxes. Maybe, when I drop Big pup off at school, I'll just ask one of the kids there to explain it to me.

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