Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ain't Skeered. Well, Maybe A Little.

I mentioned last Friday how, lately, my boys have become very interested in cemeteries. After visiting our 4th cemetery this past weekend, I have found one tombstone in particular that I like and several that I don't.

For example...
Windchimes! Personally, I like windchimes, but look how crowded that cemetery is! I just don't think I could subject my neighbors to that for all of eternity.

Nope. I don't think I could subject my neighbors to this flag either.

"At Rest" is a very popular headstone tagline but really, back me up here moms, if you tell your kids that you are going to go rest for just a minute, do you get any peace or privacy at all? No. You don't. I'm thinking that "I Want Everyone To Be Quiet Or Else I'm Counting To Three!" would be more appropriate.

And then there's this one that WD took with the camera on his phone (sorry for the poor quality).

It says, "You think you are safe but someone is watching." Ummm....guys? Maybe we should head home now?

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  1. That last one would have had me bolting for the hills.

  2. Wow, really the git'er done flag (only in Ar, I can say that since I am from there :)

  3. Fantastic. The wind chimes are a little much.

    My (somehow related not quite sure how) uncle has his headstone made (it has been up for almost 20 years and he is still alive and kicking...yah) and it says "Here lies Henry ----, he was one hell of a guy."

    Nice huh?

    Enjoy your cemetery hopping...fun times indeed!

  4. Are you serious?!?!? Why would anyone have the last one put on their headstone? That is just spooky!

  5. Creepiness factor was high on that last one. Interesting last words...
    Noelle and I explored some cemetaries last year and we were both very intrigued. I think it's probably a really healthy way to approach the concept of death.

  6. This is my pet peeve! I wish windchimes (and other tacky items left there)were banned from the cemetery. I drive past the cemetery in my town several times during the day. It's cluttered. I know I would haunt my family if they left a stuffed animal and windchimes on my headstone.

  7. Interesting what people will put around a grave sight isn't it. Flags, Windchimes, Flowers, Plants, Statues, I have seen so many different things.
    That last one kind wierds me out.

  8. That last one is a little weird! How AWESOME that you found it! Great post!

  9. I see wind chimes a lot - what's up with that?

  10. Cemeteries? Oh, you poor thing! Personally, I would like a plant. Not those cheesy fake flowers. A nice little plant, maybe something that blooms, but i'd be ok with foliage too. And the headstone should read "The World Has Lost The Greatest Gift It Had Ever or Will Ever Receive." See, is that too much?

  11. Okay, I am like your boys, and I too like to visit cemeteries. Although, I don't get to do it much, because nobody will go with me. Chickens!

    That last picture you posted is just plain' ol scary. That person had problems! Oh, and the wind chime picture left me wondering what their home must have looked like. I pictured an overcrowded, gaudy trailer. I could be wrong! :-)

  12. you need to come visit me, we live about 1/2 block away from a cemetery! we have never gone to it. But when we go to my home town we always stop by and visit my grandma. the girls love to look at all the tombstones.

  13. The baby sitter I had growing up as a kid for years would take me and her son the same age as me to go visit cemetaries every Friday and we would look at all the head stones and read them. As a kid I thought it was cool and fasinating! my mom thought it was weird!! lol I haven't done that yet with my boys, they keep asking though, I just don't think of it.
    That last one was rather interesting!!!

  14. I love this post! Great photos by the way.


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