Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Brought To You By The Letter A

You know, I've stopped twittering because I just wasn't sure if anyone out there really wanted to know all of the minute details of my life. Like this little detail right here:

I was hoping to get caught up on Arrested Dev today. I mowed the backyard instead.
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Isn't that interesting? I chose to mow the yard instead of watching TV. Fascinating.

Well, I've decided to subject you all to even more useless information about myself. More specifically, stuff I like that starts with the letter A. Many thanks to LeAnn for assigning me this awesome letter. You can check out her D-list here (she's a Pepper too!)

1. Actually--Big pup has picked this word up and has been saying it a lot lately. It's such a big word, it sounds so cute coming from him.

2. Alligators--sniff, sniff, I smell a post about alligators coming up soon! I like 'em.

3. Arkansas--Go Hogs!

4. Amy Tan--When is she coming out with a new novel? I need something to erase Saving Fish from Drowning from my memory.

5. ATV--I like to go four-wheeling through the trails in national forests. I do not like to rock-crawl.

6. Apples with cheddar cheese--Mmmmm.

7. Autumn--I love the cooler temps and the beginning of the holiday season, starting with Halloween.

8. Ave Maria--We had this sung at our wedding. I wish I had a cd of everyone's version of this song. I like Celine Dion's while WD likes Aaron Neville's rendition.

9. Awards--I know that some bloggers aren't into awards but I always love it when you guys give me one. It means a lot to me!

10. Alithelazydog.com--'nuff said.

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  1. alligators? i like 'em too. to eat :-)

  2. You are a hoot A girl! Both I and my oldest daughter are "A's" and when is she is playing softball I always call her Little A......she's even having it put on her HS softball sweatshirt, as her nickname.
    Not so into aligators, I think I live to close to them.

  3. Ave Maria! One of my favorites and sung at our wedding, too!

  4. Great list! Love Ave Maria...my fave is by Andrea Bocelli!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I know that Max will love Kindergarten, just as a mom a little anxious! I'll probably have more first day jitters than he will.

  5. Apples and cheese? Hmmm. Never thought of that.

  6. you did good!!! Great list I think my fav or Arkansas GO HOG ;)

  7. I am so not getting the whole twitter thing... and why people go all crazy for it. Does anyone really care what I had for lunch? I feel like I am totally missing something.
    Great A-list!

  8. Tooo funny, I have an award for you, come and get them!

  9. you make me sick...mow the lawn in february...i have snow upon snow upon snow....by the way you remember the alien piece you did, well i have one uped you, what's that oneupmanship....on my newest blog council of the 12 eggs

  10. I love it! :) I got T nice huh! :)
    BTW, you should still twitter.. its' interesting stuff!

  11. I like awards, too! Great list! I did this and got the letter P. It was fun to do!

  12. Apples with cheddar cheese? Really? I am not sure I can get bhind that. Good A list!

  13. I love Ave Maria, too. It always makes me feel a little teary...

  14. I love Ave Maria AND arrested development! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  15. mmmm....apples with cheddar cheese...

    I totally agree about Twitter. I had a hard time convinceing myself that anyone cares.

  16. Great A words. My son went biking in the Everglades yesterday, and Alligators were on my mind.


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