Monday, February 23, 2009

My Apologies To The American Medical Association

Me: There's these tubes in your ear, it's kind of like a pipe, th--

Big pup: Pipes?

Me: Well, yeah, like a straw, you know? And it's in your ear and called the eustacian tube and it leads to your nose. When you get a cold it gets full of fluid and liquid and snot so when your nose starts to run be sure to blow your nose real good to get all the snot out 'cause the fluid will just sit in that tube and bacteria--germs--will grow and that's what is making your ear hurt so bad.

Big pup: If I blow my nose I'll get better?

Me: Yep.

And with that bit of misguided wisdom plus pink pills (chewable bubblegum tylenol), a warm washcloth, a blankie, a toboggan (cap), tears, moans and groans, Puffs tissue, and a nap--we weathered our first ear ache yesterday--hopefully, it will be our last.

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  1. Ear aches and strep throat are the WORST! Hope he's better soon.

  2. Ear aches are the Devil...I am truly convinced of this!

    My middle daughter had four sets of PE tubes in her ears to try to keep her from getting ear infections, but they didn't really work. Now my son has to get a set of them as well. It just seems to never end!

  3. I hope Big pup is feeling better. Ear aches are not fun!

  4. I hope he feels better. Ear aches are the worst! I had one when Mekhi was a newborn and I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone!

  5. Awwww, poor baby. Hope he gets better soon.

  6. you are all full of beans on that ustancian tube dog andy had ear problems and they never did that on her

  7. Bummer, ear aches are no fun. I had my fair share of ear aches and chewable Tylenol when I was a kid. The grape flavor was my favorite.

  8. Poor guy!! Ear aches are the worst!!! I hope he's better soon!

  9. Oh those are no fun. I hope he's feeling better! I must say, I'm impressed it was his first!


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