Thursday, June 25, 2009

Firsts And Lasts

Wheezer from Wheezer's Cheeze recently posted a 100Truths meme--way too long for me so I picked out the 'Firsts' and 'Lasts' sections of the meme to work with.

My Firsts

1. First surgery: I had surgery when I was about 9 weeks old because of a gastrointestinal condition called Pyloric Stenosis. Will Ferrell had it too and his scar can be seen in some of his movies. My scar is top secret, though. And very camera shy.

2. First piercing: My ears when I was in the third grade. It was also my last, thank you very much.

3. First best friends: Terri. She lives in Texas now and homeschools her 6 children. She's a better woman than I am.

4. First sport I joined: Girls Club basketball in the 4th grade--I hated it--it was my mom's idea. I voluntarily ran track in high school and loved it.

5. First pet: My first pet of my own was a hamster named Roosevelt. She liked baby back ribs.

6. First vacation: We didn't really take vacations growing up but I do remember going to Six Flags in Texas once.

7. First concert: When WD and I were dating he took me to Memphis to see Sting and Natalie Merchant. Awesome.

8. First crush: Do celebrity crushes count? Indy race car driver Danny Sullivan in the mid-80s.

My Lasts

1. Last beverage: Decaf mint green tea this morning.

2. Last phone call: My sister. I called to ask her what she was doing and to tell her what I was doing.

3. Last text message: I texted "Home?" to my sister to ask if she made it home safely after visiting for Father's Day. She did.

4. Last song I listened to: Van Halen's Dancing in the Street. It was against my will.

5. Last time I cried: Last week when I was reading Haven Kimmel's She Got Up Off the Couch. I got to the part where Haven was dreaming about dead mice and her mom came into her room and pretended to pick them off her bed one by one. I don't know why, but that just did me in.

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  1. Ali,

    Your post is great, and coincidental for me...

    I've had a whole bunch of firsts lately and actually just did a post about it on my blog after being on a break for a long time. Great to stop by your blog again!


  2. That about sums up all our phone calls - what are you doing? Nothing, what are you doing?

  3. Great firsts and should do the rest in stages!!!

  4. I love these things. It is always great to learn more about my bloggy friends!

  5. Too funny that your hamster liked ribs. Isn't it funny how you figure that out?! Our cat loves chocolate pudding and oreos.

  6. what a great meme! my oldest son had pyloric stenosis too. scary stuff. emergency surgery on a 4 week old is not my idea of new parenting fun :-/

  7. Your hampster liked ribs? HUH? lol

  8. I've got that book on my shelf! It made you cry! Sounds like a good book! Gotta get to it!!

    great meme, by the way!


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