Saturday, June 13, 2009

In Case You Really Want To Know...

Out of curiosity wouldn't it just be easier to buy the plain cap'n crunch?

Why, yes, it would BUT seriously, he ate about 15 bowls of the kind with crunchberries before declaring that they tasted funny and he refused to eat them. And I'm too cheap to throw the whole box out!

Woah! (re: shedding picture) Was that with the Furminator?

Mostly I use the rake style brush because they're a double-coated breed but I do love the Furminator! I have the knock off version (have I mentioned I'm cheap?) called the Furbuster and it is perfect for my sister's beagle mix--it gets out so much hair!

OH my, that so looks like my yard. We have a huskyX and I have to admit I love to brush her out and see her coat change from ratty yellow to pure white.

Isn't that one of the most satisfying things in the world? I love it when I'm able to pluck out huge clumps of it with my fingers.

I heard about mint on NPR too. So, has it helped your budgeting?

I think it has helped a little, tiny, itty-bitty bit. It mostly gets me more involved in my finances and shows me exactly where my money is going. I like that I can compare how much hubby spends on food while at work from month to month and seeing if what we've paid for gas each month has decreased any. But I hate getting those email reminders that say "You've exceeded your budget for shopping this month!" This one requires no reading to navigate. Kids could really be lost there for hours.

Thanks Dawna! I took a look around and I got lost there for hours!

(re: Dr. Seuss poem) That must've been a startling email to get! Here's hoping the long arm of the law is satisfied and won't be coming after you anymore!

Amen! The email said I had 3 days to take it down but it only took me half a second! But it makes me wonder if schools everywhere are having to get permission to read it. The poem is quite long and I only printed--with credit to Dr. S--a small excerpt of it. What about including excerpts from books in book reviews or the lyrics to songs? It's all very confusing. And scary. I think I hid under my desk for the day.

I would not post it on my blog, I would not post it in a fog, I would not steal your poem straight from you, I would not could not please don't sue!

This is from Robin and must be shared! Perfect!

Oh no, please tell me you don't wear slippers to the grocery store! Now I have to see a flick of the slippers, post one please!

Guilty! I get a new pair for Christmas each year and since we're already 6 months down, I will spare you all from looking at a pic of my well-worn slippers. You're welcome!

Okay, so I don't wear slippers to the grocery store, but I DO love the Blues Clues with Steve. I think I stopped watching when Joe came on.

I hear ya. Joe is so over the top--he needs to calm down a bit:)

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  1. I remember when you were about to buy a new pair of shoes, and I had to stop you because they looked just like your slippers!

  2. Cool! Thanks for posting my comment and for the linky love!

  3. I love the updates to burning questions.
    I would not have thrown out the crunch berry cereal either. And yes, our kids tastes change have to act fast...LOL.

  4. Wait, was one of those MY comment? I feel so famous!
    Anyway, I love the fur combs. We got the pet groomer thing for nails, and it didn't work. Well, actually, I don't know if it would have worked, since Eddie wouldn't go near it. We tried to get him used to the sound before actually putting his nail in there. No dice. But we got it from PetSmart and they let us return it!

  5. Great post!! I'd so wear my slippers to the grocery store if they had better soles on them, and I miss Steve too!!

  6. love the website. I understand the not willing to waste the crunch berry.


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