Monday, November 9, 2009

I Hope They Remember

I hope they remember having blueberry muffins every Friday morning.
And spending Friday nights with their grandparents who are willing to take them to McDonalds every single Friday.
I hope they remember how I put their clothes in the dryer on cold mornings so they'll be warm when they get dressed for school.
Baking cookies and watching holiday cartoons is one of my favorite memories from my childhood. I hope it will become one of their favorite memories, too.
I hope they remember carefree summers full of fun activities like playing in the pool and going to movies. I'm sure they'll forget the trips to the library.
I hope they remember making s'mores and carving pumpkins for Halloween. I never did that growing up--why didn't someone tell me that it's so much fun?
I hope they remember the happy times playing with Indie and the Huskies. There's no better friend than a dog and I hope they'll always be able to experience that friendship.

I hope they remember that above all else, they are brothers. And they'll always be able to count on each other. Because--to borrow a quote from Antisthenes--when brothers agree, no fortress is so strong as their common life.

I really hope they remember that.

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  1. What a beautiful post I wish the same memories for my little guy

  2. And as Proverbs says, "A friend loves at all times, And a brother was born for adversity."

  3. This is a lovely post. They will remember many, many wonderful things! I remember my mom putting my clothes in the dryer on cold mornings. I love that memory! :-)

  4. I love this! I'm sure that they will remember the important things.

  5. Beautiful... they WILL remember!

  6. That is the sweetest! I hope the same thing for your boys!

  7. they will remember, what a beautiful post Ali!

  8. That was beautiful.
    They will remember-
    and if they don't remember all the details they will remember the mom that supplied it all.


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