Monday, December 14, 2009

That's Strange Part II

Time to revisit the Strange Question Meme. Last month, I posted questions 1-10 so here's my answers for 11-20.

11. What was the last thing you ate? Well, it's Monday and I think that frequent readers know that I go on and on AND ON about how I stop at McDonald's after I drop the boys off at school. It's my Monday morning pick me up and this morning I had a breakfast burrito and a latte.

12. Have you bought any new clothing items this week? Do shoes count? I bought a pair of gray flats at Walmart for 10 bucks.

13. The last sporting event you watched? My husband had the Saints game on yesterday and I pretended to care.

14. What is your favorite flavor of popcorn? Good ol' butter flavored popcorn.

15. Who is the last person you sent a text message to? I sent a text to my brother telling him to get my son something Transformer related for Christmas. He texted me back wanting me to be more specific because, hello, am I aware of how many Transformers there are?

16. Ever go camping? Yep. A lot, but that was in my pre-children days. I've never even attempted to go camping since I've had the boys. As a matter of fact, the whole idea of having all 4 of us in one tent in the middle of the woods stresses me out.

17. Do you take vitamins daily? No. I give the boys Flintstones vitamins and occasionally I'll have one, too. I've always loved Flintstone vitamins. And baby aspirin. Yum.

18. Do you go to church every Sunday? Not every Sunday. We end up missing one per month--usually the Sundays when the boys don't have Catechism classes.

19. Do you have a tan? Nope. The whole skin cancer and premature aging thing scares me away from tanning beds. And I have yet to find the perfect self-tanner. Sigh.

20. Do you prefer Chinese food over pizza? No way. I like Chinese food-I love hot and sour soup--but I really have to be in the mood for it. Pizza I can have any time, any day of the week.

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  1. New shoes? I want new shoes! I need to go through mine and throw some out.

  2. Flinstone's vitamins are the BEST! And I have to agree that childern's Tylenol is yummy too. I don't feel quite so odd now that I know I am not alone in these feelings!

  3. I LOVE pizza... it is my favorite food. You can't go wrong with it!

  4. Your husband is a very smart man...that is...if he was rooting for the Saints...Woo Hoo!

  5. Interesting fun Ali facts! I'm not a thanks!

  6. Shoes for 10 bucks! Well, that's alright!

    I can't do camping. I don't know why. Yes I do. Bugs.

  7. i love these posts... i would eat mcdonalds every day if i could. mmmmmm...

  8. I have to be in the mood for Chinese, too! Pizza anytime for sure! Cute list!

  9. I havent' had a baby asprin in FOREVER! I used to LOOOOOVE those!

  10. do you really remember your pre children days??????well when the children finallly leveave those days come back again


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