Monday, July 26, 2010


Last month we headed up to Eureka Springs, AR for my sister's wedding. It was her second so it didn't come with all the fanfare, hoopla and tradition that tends to overshadow weddings. It was small, informal and very Angie. Just what she wanted.

It took place at the famous Crescent Hotel--if you watch the Travel channel during October they seem to always feature the Crescent during their Haunted Hotels program. But I stayed at the historic Basin Park Hotel which has its own ghost stories. I kept an open mind--expected cold pockets of air to float over me, looked for ghostly apparitions in windows, waited for the radio to spontaneously start playing We've Only Just Begun but nope, no ghosts.

I loved the Basin. The rooms were cute. The food from the Balcony Bar and Restaurant was great. And being able to step out of the hotel and walk over to the Mud Street Cafe for a decadent cherry mocha was a definite plus. Maybe Angie and Billy will bring me along for their first anniversary if they decide to go back next year? I'm pretty sure I could scare the ghosts away...

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  1. The Basin Park is pretty darn awesome... Good times!

  2. I don't know if I can wait a year - I want to go back now!

    Nice 1408 reference.

    Your turban is falling off. I hate it when that happens.

  3. Cute picture! Too funny!

  4. Very cool -- I love a good hotel getaway. My kids do, too, so we do little overnight trips wherever we can. I'm looking forward to school starting so that I'll have freed up funds for such trips. (Right now every penny goes to day care, and then some!)

  5. Those sound like wonderful places to stay.
    Love the mask!

  6. sounds delightful! Congrats to your sister.


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