Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 30: Self-portrait

It's the final day of the June Photo Challenge! And what a challenge it has been. I've gone from posting only once in April and once in May to posting everyday this month! We'll see what happens in July...

For day 30 it was another dreaded self-portrait. I had Nathan snap this picture of me this morning out by the muscadines. It's become my morning ritual--coffee, reading on the iPad, watching the birds, spending time with the dogs--I love these lazy days of summer.

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  1. It's already been a month? That seemed fast!

  2. Nice photo of yourself Allison! You look so relaxed! :o)

  3. I have loved reading your posts everyday, they always make me smile.
    Muscadines! Do you make jelly? It was always my favorite.


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