Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 8: A Bad Habit

Don't ever ask your husband to name one of your bad habits. Especially when he starts by saying, "Well, you're a really good person but..." Hmph. He said that I never admit when I'm wrong. Seriously, though, how can I admit when I'm wrong when I'm always right?!

So here's what I think my bad habit is: I'm kinda messy.

I have a bad habit of throwing things on the dining table and letting them hang out there for awhile. Sigh. It's just so hard finding a home for all the papers in my life.

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  1. Kitchen tables are a magnet for stuff like that, aren't they? I think I only have a couple days worth of mail on my table right now.

  2. LOL. My messy area is my's awful.


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