Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 4: Something Green

I got a late start on my garden this year because of all the thunderstorms that popped up the first of spring. Now that we've dried out a bit I started one of our raised beds with a few of my favorites: bell peppers, cilantro and basil.

It's great having bell peppers on hand for fajitas and omelets. They also freeze really well.

I'm included in the percentage of people who love cilantro vs. the ones who think it tastes like soap. It's perfect for chicken tacos and guacamole.

What can I say about basil? I love it! I used up my last frozen pesto cube back in January and I can't wait for some more pesto!

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  1. I've actually got a really nice area for a garden now, but I haven't planted anything yet. Maybe next year!

  2. would love to hear your pesto recipe! we're growing basil this year too :-)

  3. I have planted rosemary and parsley but I killed the basil. Must try again. Yours looks great.

  4. I cant get cilantro to grow for the life of me.
    I heart my basil plant.


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