Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Oh, I love babies. Especially baby feet. I know, some people are all about their little hands, or their little baby head, or even that baby smell. Not me. My babies smelled like sour Similac. Not good. But baby feet? That's my weakness.

Both of my cousins had babies recently so I've had baby feet on the brain. On the brain not in my belly. Nope. Two pups are enough for me. Although I admit that whenever I see those cute little tiny baby sleepers I do get a hankering for another one. But then I remember the hemorrhoids, engorged boobs, sleepless nights, and the general everyday pain that comes from PUSHING A HUMAN BEING OUT OF MY BODY! But, of course, they are totally worth it.

Congratulations to the new moms and dads and welcome to the world Charlie and Lainey!

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  1. Now you get the pleasure of having even more baby feet around! :)

  2. Congratulations Michael and Kristina!


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