Thursday, September 20, 2007

Go Away, I'm Eating

I've had it with all of the creepy crawlies around here.

We finished building our house in February. Since then we've had many different animals visit our backyard: fox, bobcat, wild turkey, deer, rabbit, raccoon (R.I.P.). And for you Dr. Suess fans, yes, I do feel like a big, fat Once-ler sometimes. But spiders and insects? They can go.

One night last week, I had just put the pups to bed, turned on the hall light, and sat down in the living room to recover from the ordeal of Bedtime. Getting a 3 and 5 year old to take a bath, brush their teeth, get into their pajamas, and turn out the lights is usually followed by a recovery period involving a tub of cool whip and some peanut butter. As soon as I sat down I noticed a scorpion crawling down the hall. Creepy and dangerous. I squashed it and flushed it and told WD that as much as I hate grandaddy longleg spiders, I'd rather have them inside than scorpions. Welllllllll, yesterday I came face to.....face(?) with a grandaddy longleg on the shower curtain. Hate. WD was in charge of killing that one. Right now there's 5 of them plus a praying mantis on the front porch, and 2 walking sticks on the back porch. Not to mention a hundred mayflys hovering everywhere. I think I'm surrounded.

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  1. Scorpions! ::shudder:: I'm glad we don't have scorpions around here.

    What I want to know about the praying mantis and the caterpillar is - where does the praying mantis PUT it all? I assume s/he's going to eat the whole caterpillar and the caterpillar's bigger than s/he is!

  2. Robyn, I know! I often wonder this about my 3 year old too!

  3. Praying mantids (yeah, I looked it up) are especially creepy when you look up to find one just staring at you. Not that it happens a lot, but still. The only one I like is Zorak.


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