Thursday, January 31, 2008

Failure To Appear

My dreams of having a front row seat to the inner workings of the American justice system....are gone. Unfortunately, I was not picked for jury duty. And since I have no amusing tales from the courtroom to share, I will have to borrow one from one of WD's numerous trips to court.

One day, WD pulled over a young guy on a motorcycle for speeding. WD estimated his speed at 90 mph. He was not running radar at the time so he gave the guy a ticket for careless driving (as opposed to a speeding ticket). The guy argued that while he may have been going 10 mph over the limit, he was not going 90. So off to court they went.

Judge: Do you play college football?
Defendant: Yes, sir, I do.
Judge: Do you agree that when you practice something over and over again, that you get pretty good at it?
Defendant: Yes.
Judge: So would you agree that if this officer catches speeders on a daily basis, that he would get good at picking out which vehicles are speeding?
Defendant: Yes, I guess so.
Judge: Well, then, you've already admitted to going 10 mph over the limit, do you want to plead guilty to speeding or do you want to have a trial?
Defendant: I'll just plead guilty.

And with that short exchange, WD collected 2 hours overtime and went on his merry way.

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  1. You are probably the only person I know that was dissapointed that they didn't get jury duty! :) I got excused today, so it looks like neither one of us will be able to bring someone to justice for the next two years!

  2. I had bought new outfits and everything! And I was really looking forward to getting paid, too.


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