Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Guest Post!

Good morning! First day back to school today! Busy, busy, busy. Time for a guest post.

Hi. I'm Angie. Sister of the lazy dog and your guest poster for the day. I'm not even going to pretend that I'm going to do a good job with this, but maybe it will be a little better than a Monday Nascar post. Should I at least say I'm joking? Besides the Nascar thing, writing is another thing we don't have in common, so bear with me.

I remember having to keep a journal in college for an English class, and I think my first journal entry started out with the line, "I have no idea what I'm supposed to write in this thing." Making lists was acceptable and so began my love of lists. Ah, everything's in order, everything's all right with the world. I have a little pink book of lists now. I think my Christmas present list goes back to 2003. I also have the dates of my menstrual cycle since 2002. Sorry, was that too much information? That English class was required, but I did take one voluntarily as an elective. It was an English Lit. class highly recommended by Ali. She loved it. Thankfully there was still time to drop it after failing the first test. Stupid Canterbury Tales. Who needs it anyway? I should have known better. In my high school senior English class, the big test of the year covered Macbeth. I think I got a D, unusual for me since I was an A/B student. The teacher - who, in this small town, bowls with my mother every Tuesday night, and later attended mine and Ali's bridal showers and Ali's baby shower, and let's not forget all those rockin' New Year's Eve parties! - said, "What would your mother say?" I guess teacher/student confidentiality was in effect and I certainly didn't say anything, so I guess we will never know. Or will we? Let's give Mom a call!

Angie - I just wanted to tell you I made a D on a Macbeth test in high school.
Mom - Well, ok.
Angie - Yeah. (Long pause...)
Mom - Why are you telling me this?
Angie - I never told you, so I just thought I'd tell you now. What do you think about it?
Mom - Everyone does that sort of thing at some time. I'm sure I have too.
Angie - Ok! Thanks! Bye!

I feel cleansed. It went better than a few years ago when me and Ali came clean about how we would stop at the gas station before school and spend our lunch money on snacks. She said if she had known, she wouldn't have given us any money. It's just that I wasn't a fan of the cafeteria food, and can't remember ever eating anything on the tray (just like Big Pup the other day!). Maybe that's why I was 110 pounds. Maybe that's the next diet I should try. Let's stop talking about high school and college. It's making my neck itch. Actually, I have rambled on long enough and should wrap this up in a clever little sentence that encompasses everything I've written so far, but I failed my Canterbury Tales test so it's impossible.

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  1. Hater! Leave Nascar Mondays alone. And Canterbury Tales. What did Chaucer ever do to you?

  2. What did Chaucer ever do FOR me?


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