Monday, January 14, 2008

Get Your Motor Runnin'

Here's a video I took at the fall race in Texas. It's the best part of a race. The cars pass by in two groups making the final warm-up lap, as the field gathers they head into the final turn. The engines are revving up and the crowd gets louder as the cars approach the start/finish line. The pace car drops to the inside and heads to pit road. The green flag waves and they are off.

It. Is. Breathtaking.

For the full effect, turn this up as loud as you can, eat some 8 dollar nachos, and pretend there is a woman sitting thisclose to you, decked out in Jr. gear, finishing off her 12th can of Budwieser.

Countdown to Daytona: 5 weeks.

P.S. In the video, that is not WD yelling Git-r-done! (Or is it?)

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