Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Bloggy Look At '09

January: My theory on alien life. WD thought I was crazy for posting it but I think it's a pretty good theory.

February: I have butter containers spilling out of my kitchen cabinets but I can't seem to throw them away!

March: My baby turned 7 and I ate too many cupcakes.

April: My other baby turned 5 and again, I ate too many cupcakes.

May: I celebrated National Police Week with a poem from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

June: Vacation! We took the boys to Memphis for a NASCAR truck race and had a great time.

July: A border collie mix showed up on our doorstep and has never left. We named her Indie and gave her ham hocks.

August: Back to school! Big pup started 2nd grade and Little pup started Kindergarten and man is it quiet around the house during the day now.

September: I complained about all the rain we were getting because I had a ton of outside chores to do. I still haven't completed that list:(

October: Ahhh, my Monday morning routine--McD's latte and grocery shopping. I've missed that routine the past few weeks because of the Christmas break and I've been looking forward to everyone going back to work and school so it won't be so crowded in town.

November: You can tell the busy-ness of the holidays got to me. I only posted 12 times in November and almost half were Wordless Wednesdays.

December: T'is the season for giving and I gave over $400 to my van in hopes that it will keep running for another year.

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  1. I still remember the alien post,and still love that pic!

    Very cool year in review. Nice collage, too!

  2. Very nice looking back............not sure I remember the alien thing........might have to look back.

  3. What a year! Love a good year in review...here's to a great 2010!

  4. i have an alien view of things like you since i am one, i am here to itntroduce food ideas to this planet, see my black pudd. and gazzells, and every time i do an alien post my readerships slips from 4 comments to zero comment, peolplepe are suspicious of you and me when we mention aliens...loves the putz

  5. Elegant writing styles,
    Great Reflections about your sweet past, hope that you move on and smile all the way through 2010.

    Have a Graceful Evening.

    just in case.

  6. Wow, funny but I can remember all this stuff. So that must mean I've been stalking you (I mean following you, lol) for a whole year! Cool! happy anniversary! lol

  7. Great collage and here's to an even better 2010!

  8. You had a pretty good year! :-)

  9. Thanks for your well wishes. I'm finally starting to feel better. :)

    Love your collage and glimpse back through out the year.

    Happy 2010!


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