Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Questions And Comments To Confuse And Befuddle

I started blogging because I'm awful at scrapbooking. Blogging seemed like a much better way for me to have a journal of my memories. I love that people are interested reading about my favorite recipes and my favorite poems and my favorite boys. I appreciate all the kind words you leave in the comment section, it means a lot to me that you take time out of your day in order to brighten mine. It's easy to forget that I'm putting this thing out there where all the world can see instead of just talking to friends.

But sometimes I get a comment that jolts me back to reality and makes me crawl under my desk with a roll of cookie dough.

Exhibit A: In response to a picture I posted from a grocery store ad of Elliott Sadler (a NASCAR driver) selling fabric softener, Tyler said: what is this? I don't even...

Of course Tyler has his profile set to private and his email isn't enabled. It was the only comment I got for that post so maybe he just felt sorry for me.

Exhibit B: In response to the Toscana Soup recipe I posted, Mark said: thanks for the recipe. however, I've just made this and the salt content suggested is WAAYWAYYY too much. 2-3 tablespoons? Wow.

I could've done without the "Waaywayyy" and the "wow" and if only Mark's email was enabled or if his profile wasn't private I could let him know that a couple tablespoons of salt in a pot of boiling water with 3 of those jumbo baking potatoes isn't so bad.

Exhibit C: In response to the Honey Chicken Stir Fry recipe I posted, Anonymous said: please where can I buy a unicorn?

Okay, so this one actually put a smile on my face and brought me back up from under the desk. Thank you Anonymous!

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  1. Sometimes, actually most times comments make us soar. Then a troll [ which I understand to be a negative blog commenter] will find it's way to our inbox and the world is over.

    Consider the source and know that everyone will not like everything we write or post as a recipe and that's fine. Too much salt too little salt, I love the photo, I hated the photo - means nothing but a matter of respective personal taste.

    Sometimes it takes me hours to write a post and that day I get no comments at all. It doesn't mean anything.

    I am glad that you have chosen to blog and that the world has a opportunity to read your thoughts, etc. The world is brighter with you Ali, keep it up.

  2. I think one day I will write a blog entry to see how many hateful/mean/negative comments I can get. That might be fun!

  3. I love the "please where can I buy a unicorn" comment!

    That is AWESOME!!!

    I hate the "ad comments"... those are the worst. I delete them.

    How the poo do they even get there?

    I LOVE comments, but I HATE when I can't respond to them... especially when they have asked me a question...

    Anywho... I hope you like these comments!

    Have a lovely day!

  4. I hate when I get random rude comments like that, or someone trying to sell me something. Some kind of creep me out.
    I like that you are blogging too

  5. Comments do have a way of putting our blogging into perspective. There are complete strangers reading them. Some strangers are nice, and, well, some strangers are just plain strange.

    By the way, where can I buy a unicorn? I think my kids would love one. ;-)

  6. Too funny with the unicorn.
    I do dislike it when people leave comments with now way to respond to them. I think people can just say whatever they want online behind the mask of Anonymous.

  7. I laughed at the unicorn comment too. Just let it roll off your back!

  8. just for the record, I AM NOT, REPEAT am not interested in your recipies, especially taco soup...which is to say the least groSS, i am intreested in your boys and any story about your life{i am interested in anybodies that really is about itHISTORY]...ALIENS AND YOU BEING INTERESTED IN ME AS AN ALIEN ,,,,,that really is about it in a nut shell

  9. people are strange you gotta wonder what they are thinking sometimes, or maybe they aren't, Trolls is right though. I love your blog!


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