Monday, January 18, 2010

Church Chatter, Mass Musings, Religious...Something-Or-Other

Lent begins in less than a month?! I'm keeping my coffee and Dr. Pepper and I'm thinking of giving up 15 minutes of sleepytime to say the Rosary every night. I think that's a good habit to get into. I think I say that every year, though.

There is a sign on one of the columns in church that states that this is a house of God and please be quiet. It's only written in Spanish and if I was Hispanic I would be very offended.

There's a sign (written in both Spanish and English) in the cry room that reminds parents to please control their children. If I could control my child would I be in the cry room?!

My 7 year old begins his first step in preparing for the First Communion by attending a meeting Saturday morning. I'm required to accompany him for that TWO AND A HALF hour meeting and I have to admit I'm not looking forward to it.

In the bulletin yesterday a special collection was announced for Haiti along with the message: Our generous support of this collection will unite us in solidarity and love with our sisters and brothers in Haiti who are suffering extreme hardship and grief from the devastation of the earthquake on Jan. 12. Let us also unite with them in our prayer and ask God to give them the grace and strength to persevere through the difficult days of mourning and recovery that await them. Now THAT, Pat Robertson, is how you respond to this tragedy. Sheesh.

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  1. Your first comments about the Spanish sign and cry room are funny.

    Sorry about the 2 1/2 hour meeting, no fun!

    I agree with your Haiti comments. I was disappointed our church did not spend more time on the disaster in Haiti during service. I also didn't think our pastor worded things as best he could. I know he had good intentions but to brush over something so huge suprprised me.

  2. Quite literally - amen, sister!

  3. We don't having any shushing signs in our church, or cry room, and have you noticed all the old people in that cry room? Ours is full....closer access to exit? who knows.
    I'm Catholic and I've BTDT on the 1st communion prep.........sorry it's boring,and they frown upon napping or reading.
    Chiming in with Ali, Amen sister to what you said about a church's response.

  4. Great ending line! I was floored when I heard his 'thoughts'. How crazy dumb.

    I think if I were hispanic, I'd be offended by that church sign too, lol!


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