Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Maybe Next Year?

I can't remember if I took this picture of Lexie stretching after her regular 23 hour nap or before. She gives me a run for my money in the "lazy dog" department. Just the thought of a 1150 mile dog sled race makes us both tired. We're sitting out this years Iditarod. Again.

The "Last Great Race on Earth" is scheduled to end sometime this afternoon in Nome, Alaska. It's no surprise that Lance Mackey is currently in the lead. Of course I was rooting for the all-Siberian teams again this year:

1) Karen Ramstead--my personal favorite. She scratched in McGrath but I hope she'll be back in 2011.
2) Blake Freking--currently 41st and on track to setting a new record for a purebred team.
3) Hank Debruin--a rookie currently in last place (57th), the Red Lantern Award position.

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  1. I guess because I don't hear much about the Iditarod, it always sneaks up on me.

  2. our greyhound is very lazy too except when he smells food

  3. Can you watch the races on tv??? Your dog is a pretty girl!

  4. We like to watch it on tv. I love the race, but I can't stand the announcer. I could never be that tough!

  5. What a pretty dog you have. That is so funny that she is really into sleeping all day.

  6. We've got a racer from our area this year. I think he's 61st. lol.


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