Monday, March 8, 2010

Who Do You Like To Follow?

There was a time when I had no interest in Twitter but now it's the first thing I check in with when I sit down at the computer. I love the 'list' function that allows me to keep all my celebrity twits in one place.

DeLana Harvick is a favorite to follow. She's the wife of Kevin Harvick (NASCAR driver) and tweets all the time during races and off the track. I understand that she's not for everybody but you know who is? Stephen Colbert. You're probably already following him--1,447,865 of us are--but if you are not, here's why you should:

stared into my freezer for an hour this morning. I miss the olympics.
11:22 AM Mar 4th via web


america is fed up with washington. and that's saying something. it takes a lot to get us full
10:57 AM Mar 5th via web

See? Hilarious. And I need more of that so if you're following a prolific Twitter celebrity please let me know!

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  1. I don't think I follow any celebrities??? Oh, maybe Ellen, but honestly, I don't think I've seen a tweet from the show in over a month.

  2. I cancelled my twitter account a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I wasn't following enough people, but honestly, it just wasn't that appealing to me.
    Now I love facebook..........go figure.

  3. For some reason I don't follow any celebrities. Maybe I'll check out Stephen Colbert.

  4. Don't kill me for saying this, but I think Nicole Richie (@nicolerichie) can be pretty entertaining, plus I love her little family. Ingrid Michaelson (@ingridmusic) is so witty and I just adore her.

    Good post!

  5. Ali--thanks for the tip! Her tweets led me to the Kardashians and now I'm in trouble--I may never leave my computer!

  6. I do follow a lot of people, but no celebs. But if those two tweets of his are what he usually tweets, then I am def going to follow. Too funny.

  7. I LOVE Twitter and honestly have been connecting on there more than my blog lately. It is so quick and people are immediately responsive which I like. Not sure how I made it this long without following you on Twitter but I just did. Looking forwarding to tweeting with you :-)


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