Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One Dollar--Plus An Explanation

Spring break was last week and it was my excuse for not posting the whole week. Yesterday? I, uh, well, blame it on Directv. Their Starz movie channels are free right now and I think I've watched more movies the past 3 days than I have all year.

But look what happened since I've been away from the internet--my son lost his first tooth! He didn't start cutting teeth until after he turned one year old. And at 8 years old he's a late bloomer in losing them, too. But it's given him plenty of time to question what on earth the tooth fairy is going to do with all his teeth. So underneath his pillow he left his tooth, a pencil, and a note:

And thankfully the tooth fairy had an answer--magic fairy dust!

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  1. Your eight year old has quite the stash saved up! Congrats to him on starting to cash in on those baby teeth.

    p.s. The tooth fairy is a genius. ;)

  2. LOL!! What an awesome response!

  3. AWESOME answer!! Wish I had read this sooner, but now I know what my answer will be the next time someone asks!

    Well, my daughter anyway. Charlie is now aware about the Easter bunny, though I think he's not giving up Santa without a fight. Tooth fairy is probably next. :(

  4. You are so creative!!
    I miss the TF, SC and the EB.......but those memories were great!

  5. That is wonderful, Ali! What a great idea! Those SC, EB, and TF days with the children are precious! :o)

  6. Thanks for posting this, I really wanted to read the "Tooth Fairy Manifesto".

  7. Golden! Thank you! I had the lamest answers to what the fairy did with the teeth. And last weekend I had to write a letter from the Easter Bunny explaining why my 8-year-old did not receive a "real" paint ball gun...


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