Thursday, March 18, 2010

Snickers Cake

My oldest son's birthday is just a few days before mine is and I end up making so many cupcakes for his special day that I never get my own treat. But not this year! This year I got my own cake and it was delicious. A chocolate cake covered with caramel, whipped topping and crushed Snickers bars.

Before I moved back to my hometown, I was running around in circles with a newborn and a 2 year old counting down every 2 weeks when my parents would come to visit. They would stay the whole weekend doting on their grandchildren, changing diapers and making meals for me. I found this recipe somewhere and since I wasn't busy doing laundry and washing out bottles, I actually had time to try it out. It was a hit and I've been making it ever since.

Snickers Cake

1 box chocolate cake mix
ingredients needed for mix (eggs, oil and water)
16 oz whipped topping
12.25 oz jar caramel sauce
2 Snickers bars, frozen

Bake cake according to directions on box. When done, remove from oven, poke holes in the cakes with the handle of a wooden spoon and pour caramel sauce over both of the cakes. When cakes have cooled, invert onto a cake plate adding a layer of whipped topping in the middle. Continue to cover the cakes with whipped topping and add crushed Snickers bars on top. In my opinion, this cake is so much better the second day when the caramel has really had time to saturate the chocolate cake.

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  1. If I make and eat this now, will I have time to work it off before the wedding? Maybe if I just had one slice, but I don't really see that happening.

  2. Oh wow, and it's low fat too! ha ha ha, looks yummy!

  3. This looks fantastic! I love Snickers, and every other candy bar in the world, for that matter! I will be making this soon.

  4. Oh my. That just looks scrumptious!

  5. Oh my gaaaaaawd! that looks FREAKING DELISH!
    I am having a big birthday next month (sob, sob). I am DEFINITELY sliding that recipe my husband's way.

  6. That looks DELICIOUS!!! I bet it is amazing.

  7. Oh my goodness!!! That looks devine! I am glad you got your cake too. Happy Birthday!

  8. mmm.. looks delicious! I will definitely have to make that one for my boyfriend. He loves caramel and Snickers!

  9. That looks sinful! Glad you got your own birthday treat.

  10. Here I was really working my willpower today and then I stop by to see how you're doing and bam! my willpower is throw into overdrive. Man that cake looks delightful. Snickers is my favorite candy bar and I think you are a genius. Hope your birthday was lovely!

  11. Yum yum yummo! I have a very similar recipe - let me share it with you.
    German chocolate cake mix
    Sweetened condensed milk
    Whipped cream
    Heath bar bits

    Do the exact same thing (though I do mine in a 9x13 pan) and it's delicious!

    I'll have to try yours next time. Caramel sounds amazing.

  12. Wow, wow, wow, wow!

    That cake looks AMAZING!

    Btw, I've moved to Wordpress!

  13. This is not helping my ongoing effort to resist sweets.

    It looks GREAT.


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