Monday, February 25, 2008

California Part I

It was a very rainy weekend out in Fontana, California. The race was delayed for a few hours while Nascar dried the track. Finally, at 5 p.m. central time the race begins.

Kina Grannis sang the national anthem (Me: who is this? couldn't they find someone better than this?). Several T-38's flew overhead (WD: T-38's? that's all they could get?). And a San Diego linebacker waved the green flag. Come on, California.

After several laps of racing, the water begins to seep out of the seams in the racetrack. Casey Mears hits a slick spot, Dale Jr. hits him hard, then Sam Hornish Jr. runs into Mears as well, pushing Mears onto his side. The front of Sam's car bursts into flames, both drivers exit and are okay. The race is stopped for another hour while Nascar tries to dry the track. Again.

At this point, I take advantage of the lull in the action and bathe the boys. Have you ever seen a bathroom after someone gives 2 little boys a bath? It's not pretty. Dirty clothes, wet towels, and tubby toys everywhere. I get to clean that up this morning.

When racing gets underway a lot of the cars are having problems with the engines overheating. It starts to rain and Elliott Sadler spins out trying to avoid another loose car. The rain continues so Nascar waves the red flag after 87 laps of racing. 87 laps that should have never been run in the first place.

Finally, at midnight, Nascar said to heck with it, let's run this thing at noon on Monday.

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  1. Yes, I think that bathing 2 boys must be a very wet but fun experience! I happened to have a Nascar fan for a patient over the weekend, and Monday. I spent quite a few minutes in his room just watching the race with him. I love reading your opinions and stories about Nascar Races.

  2. I'm just glad that they like taking baths! It must really be a chore when kids kick and scream at having to take a bath.

  3. I Agree! That's what a cat is like to bathe!

  4. Don't tell them that, though. They want to be cats!


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