Thursday, May 8, 2008

Belated Birthday

Awwww, wook at dis wittle poopydoggieeeee. Sorry about that. Ahem. Look at this little puppy! I can't believe that Howard was ever that small. He came to live with us when he was 7 weeks old and we just celebrated his 10th birthday a couple of weeks ago. And when I say 'celebrated,' I mean I found some questionable salami that was in the fridge and added that to his bowl of Pedigree.

Happy Birthday, Howard!

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  1. LMAO you are hilarious - adding your blog forthwith. Poor Howard. My girls wanted to organize a whole "birthday party" for our dumb dog, complete with doggy guests. because I'm such a fun mom, I said Hell no.

  2. He was such a cute little puppy! I'm pretty sure he has had at least one real party with wrapped up gifts, a cake with candles, and birthday hats. You should have posted those pics (unless it's too embarrassing to admit that happened!).

  3. Happy Birthday Howard! My kids are talking about a party for Simba at the end of the month, so that we can mark the date we got him. They want doggie ice cream for him and all the dogs at the dog park. There's a photo op!

  4. I used to have birthday parties for the dogs, really I did, and I do have pictures to prove it--homemade cake with frosty paws, party hats even, but that, along with my figure, went out the window after I had kids!

    Btw, Howard thanks everyone for their sympathy and well wishes and demands a birthday do over!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOWARD! And yes, the time has really flown since he was just a tiny baby!


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