Monday, May 12, 2008


Saturday night there were clear skies in Darlington, South Carolina. But not here in Arkansas. Because of the breaking weather reports, we missed the first 35 laps of the race. Big pup is fascinated by tornadoes these day and he got a little nervous when the sirens went off. He went around the house shutting all the windows. The storm moved to the north of us so we were fine here at the home of the lazy dog.

Julie Roberts sang the national anthem. Didn't see it. The moms of the drivers gave the command "Sons, start your engines!" Didn't see it. Elliott Sadler wrecked on lap 2. Thankfully, didn't see that either. He got loose and slid up the track into Tony Stewart and spent the next 120 laps in the garage. With a finish of 42nd, he is getting farther and farther away from the top 12. He's now 28th in points. Sigh. McDonald's was his sponsor for this race and even sprung for an in car camera. How upset do you think they were for losing so much tv time? Probably as upset as I was when I found out that a seemingly healthy fruit and walnut salad still has 25 grams of sugar.

Kyle Busch gets the win, Greg Biffle gets the red lantern, and we're under the lights this Saturday night in Charlotte for the All-Star race.

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