Thursday, May 15, 2008

Paid Off

I think that when George Bush thought up the whole economic stimulus deal, he envisioned millions of Americans buying big screen tv's, computers, and 1000 thread count sheets. But I think the majority of people are paying off credit cards, paying bills, or putting it into savings.

Know what I did? I paid off the mini-van. The 'open door' light stays on constantly, the power locks don't work for the passenger side door, a mysterious 'ding' will sound at any given moment while driving--giving me a mild panic attack--and there's a huge stain where my Love My Nails in Red Raven leaked all over the upholstery. And now it's all mine. Yay.

Check out how other folks spent their money.

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  1. We used ours to pay off a credit card bill we ran up paying for gas to get our jobs and pay our high taxes. Yup...that plan backfired. We did buy some much needed clothes too.


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