Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's On Your iPod?

Game time! Set your iPod/mp3 player to shuffle. What are the first 5 songs?

Me first:

1. So by Tracy Chapman
2. Babe by Styx
3. Paris by Faith Hill
4. Come A Little Closer by Dierks Bentley
5. Dirty Man by Joss Stone

Your turn!

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  1. Centerfold- J. Geils
    Which Way You Goin' Billy - The Poppy Family (!!!!!!)
    Sherry Darling- bruce Springsteen
    Something - The Beatles
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot -Pat Benatar.

    Damn, I like some old-ass sh&t. That's an interesting exercise tho. :)

  2. Thanks for playing Sue--I love Bruce Springsteen!

  3. Fun!

    1.Dixieland Delight-Alabama
    2.London Bridge-Fergie
    3.Gold Digger-Kanye West
    4.Kissing a Fool-George Michael
    5.Hot for Teacher-Van Halen

  4. Hey Jen--we have Fergie in common:)

  5. I must admit, I did this twice because the first time EVERY song was Dashboard Confessional. Here's my second try -

    I Don't Need a Man-Pussycat Dolls
    Rapid Hope Loss-DC
    Big Girls Don't Cry-Fergie
    La Isla Bonita- Madonna

  6. Angie--I'm surprised mine wasn't all Tim McGraw, I think I have all of his cd's on there!

  7. Great idea -- and then before it occurred to me to answer in the comments, I bloglifted it and put it in mine. lol My answers are there.

    Merrie <-- (dork)

  8. Haha! Thanks for playing, Merrie!

  9. She's a Butterfly-Martina McBride
    With My Own Two Hands-B. Harper & J. Johnson
    Shiver-Jamie O'Neal
    She's Got A Way-Billy Joel
    Making Memories of Us-Tracy Byrd(much better version)

    That was fun!

  10. Erin--I love country music, too!


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