Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Have To Know

Why won't Ruby let Max have strawberries for breakfast? It seems like a perfectly healthy breakfast to me. Not everyone likes their eggs sunny side up, Ruby.

I've seen Clifford the Big Red Dog eat. He eats a lot. But what about the whole poopy situation? I mean, where does it all go?

Spongebob already lives underwater so how is he still able to go the beach--underwater?

Is Caillou okay? Shouldn't he have hair by now?

Can someone tell me what "uh-you-nuh-may" means? I've watched Go, Diego, Go over and over and I have no idea what he's saying. I wish the words would pop up on the bottom of the screen because it's so hard to read animated cartoon characters' lips.

And last but not least---Boohbah. What in the world was that about?

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  1. I have always wondered that about Spongebob. Crazy.

  2. I have often wondered the same exact things!

  3. I HATE Max and Ruby. I mean seriously, where are their parents???

    Thanks to Max, my 3 yr old now gives me one word demands! Truck! Apple! Sandbox!

    Stupid rabbits!

  4. I devoted an entire post to my annoyance with Ruby. She bugs me.

  5. Love it all! Perfect.

    I wouldn't let my son watch Ruby & Max (and some of the others are too new...lucky me - we were a Power Ranger family...swords and monsters oh ya). I always thought Ruby was just too bossy!

    Happy Day!

  6. HELP ME! is what I think crazy Dora means. And she yells all the time too. Annoying. My girls all do the one word thing now too. So annoying!
    We're really into YoGabbaGabba right now though.

  7. Pooping does not exist in tv world!

  8. Well, my boys still watch Max and Ruby once in awhile. And I don't get the SpongeBob underwater habitat thing either. But lately I've been cracking up at some of their crazy antics.

    We've been getting more into the tweenie shows like iCarly, Jonus, and Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

    But I had one question for you. Doesn't your TV have closed captioning? Seriously, I drive my family crazy with it because when I watch certain shows (i.e., CSI, House, etc) I like to have the captioning on so that I know every single word they're saying that I wouldn't necessarily understand. I'm just saying :)

  9. It is hard to read animated characters lips! Lol
    Over from SITS to say hi.

  10. Hahaha... funny.

    I don't know the spelling, but that's "Help Me" -- Ayuda me!

  11. Okay, BooBah I don't do.

    Max and Ruby - Where the heck are their PARENTS! And is it really okay for kids to learn to speak in fragments like MAX?

    Spongebob - I swear my son just asked me that yesterday!

    Clifford - I'm not gonna touch that one!

  12. You're obviously thinking way too much.
    I think CPS should be called since Ruby is practically raising Max on her own.
    AND, how do Spongebob and Patrick almost drown in one episode when they are already under water??

  13. I think Ruby is just messing with Max b/c let's face it...he really is a little asshole (I hope it's ok to say asshole here cuz I just did it twice!)

  14. I could NEVER stand Caillou and was really glad when my girls gave that show up.

    I think the phrase from Go, Diego, Go! is Spanish for "help me." I think it's "Ayudame."

    What can I say? I took Spanish in highschool.

  15. we love max and ruby and frankly I think ruby just likes to give poor max a hard time, regarding cailou google it there is a reason, I think it has to do w/ wanting to appeal to all kids so they made him bald???

  16. I've spent too many hours on similar curiosities. Max and Ruby have no adults in their lives, I felt the same way about Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, this kid roamed the world with a Beast, a pig and something else......drawing a blank. Did you ever see Oswald....odd. First time I heard of Bikini Bottom, I thought why are they discussing porn with cartoons! I'm very out of touch.

  17. i stopped questioning spongebob when he told mrs. puffs "see you next tuesday." also i think caillou lost a hair follicle everytime he was a whiny brat. and i totally agree that all cartoon parents should be charged with neglect

  18. Ali, I forgot to mention, I just figured out how to enjoy Max and Ruby!
    My daughter wants to watch it in FRENCH! We have one disc we got from Netflix and it offered a French version, so she watches that. It is so much nicer! And she is learning another language. Ha ha!

    Oh, and I hate Spongebob. Did I mention that. More than Caillou!

  19. Isn't that Boobah gone now? That entity was just *wrong* in so many ways...


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