Monday, May 11, 2009

Life Lessons

Time for more transcripts of conversations--you're welcome!

Cashier, ringing up my groceries: I hope those eggs are good. They're really expensive.
Me: They're cage-free.
Cashier: What's that mean?
Me: Well, the chickens aren't kept in cages.
Cashier: Oh.

Me, watching a Mom in a Hooters t-shirt pick up her child from school: If I ever try to leave the house in Hooters t-shirt, please take away my keys, okay?
Little pup: Okay.
Me: Thanks.
Little pup: What's Hooters?

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  1. Too funny! I love those "teachable" moments. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Love it! I dare you to pick your child up in a HOOters shirt. Dare you! :) hehe! Happy Monday!

  3. Hopefully you didn't stand up, show off your hooters and expect him to throw you Mardi Gras beads in return!

  4. That's why I try to do the self check out as much as possible!

  5. So tell me about the eggs? I know what it means, but I don't know much about the taste.
    Hmmmm, no mom should go to school to pick up a child in a Hooter's Tee...........great wings, not exactly PC...LOL.

  6. I know the "regular" eggland's best are supposed to be more healthy b/c of the living conditions and food the chickens received. What is the difference between the EB standard and Cage Free?

    I would totally go pick up my kid in a Hooters T-Shirt when I was having a bad day -- just for the reactions :)

  7. Anita--I can't tell a difference in the taste:)

    TexasRed--regular EB eggs come from caged hens but cage free means they are allowed to roam in a large building. Free range means they have access to the outdoors. And I'm not gonna lie, they are expensive!

  8. ::::Hides HOOTERS shirt at the bottom of the drawer:::

    Ha! if I wore one it would MOST ironic since I actually don't have any hooters to speak of.

  9. Cage free are delicious! At least I think they are because they cost more!

  10. so funny, gotta love when cashiers make commentary about your items.

  11. Giggle i love funny days like that.


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