Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm Ready...To Get This Stuff Off My Kitchen Counter

I finished up my school shopping last week and just in the nick of time--school starts Wednesday. Got the 4 boxes of crayons, got the backpacks, got the 10 sticks of glue. And thanks to my mom and sister, the boys will be well dressed this year. Hello 20 pairs of socks, 6 pairs of jeans, and 10 new shirts--I'm glad I didn't have to foot that bill.

Besides the school clothes and supplies, I've already started our nighttime routine to get them used to going to bed at 8 o'clock again. And I've stocked up on juice boxes, graham crackers, and applesauce for lunches. The logistics for dropping them off at their classrooms Wednesday is all planned out.

Yep. Bring on the first day of school. It's all under control. I'm ready.

I think.

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  1. Tonight we start the going to bed early again routine, but can't WAIT for that first day back!! Walk them in day one, then drop off in carpool line and straight to Starbuck's! Love school days!!

  2. Yeah for back to school and a slight break for the moms (until they come home with loads of projects, homework, and activities each day of the week). I hope your kids have a great first day Wednesday!

  3. LOL

    Our house is a school train wreck...I feel you, dawg.



  4. Can't wait to see 1st day pics - especially Little pup!

  5. Take day 1 pictures!
    Mine are all back in school..................ahhhhhhh

  6. it sounds like you are ready! And how nice is it that your mom and sister helped out with the school clothes, that is a blessing!

  7. Supply Shopping was a nightmare. We had to go to atleast 3 different places. Im not sure if I'm redy for school to start! Hope Your "First Day" is a great one!


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