Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Older And Better

It was a great day when the boys learned to feed themselves. No more holding a baby spoon/fork in one hand and trying to eat my own dinner at the same time. A very liberating moment in a mom's life, to say the least.

But then it got better. They learned to use the bathroom by themselves. Sure, I may still have wiping duties but the time I've spent supervising potty time has drastically decreased in the past several years.

And then it got even better than that. If I was busy doing something or other, they could fetch things for me! They brought me the scissors, handed me a towel, picked up that piece of paper I dropped on the floor. It was awesome. WD has even had Big pup bring him a beer from the fridge a couple of times--but we won't talk about that.

And just when I thought that having kids couldn't get any cooler, it did.

Now that the boys are older and can understand rules and directions, for the first time ever we've been able to sit down and play games like Skip-Bo and UNO. And there's only a minimal amount of tears, smack talk, stomping away angry and throwing of cards.

But I'm getting better at that.

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  1. Ha ha!

    Google reader doesn't like you. I thought you didn't post yesterday, then you finally showed up. Same as today - you're not on there yet, had to come and check on you.

  2. I had that same feeling when I could play Uno with my older two and we could laugh at stuff while we played. We even finished three whole games! WOW!

  3. it's fun when you get to different stages & get to interact like that.

  4. Don't you love the independence they get. I tell my 5 year old, who is a king, that if he can't do it, he won't get it or it won't get done. It's amazing the things he is able to do when he his back is against the wall!

  5. UNO rocks and I think I like skip-bo too but I haven't played it so long that I forget if I like it or not.

  6. We all love those card games here too! It is so great when your kids can play games with you too.

  7. YES!!! Playing UNO is a blast with your little one :D

  8. UNO rocks. We have UNO Attack and it spits out cards at you...SO much fun!

  9. LOL! I love your last sentence. My kids love those games. We have even moved up to Monopoly and Life but someone usually gets bored before the end.


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