Friday, August 14, 2009

"Nesting In Broken Spines"

We made our last trip to the library yesterday.

During the summer, Tuesdays and Thursdays are No TV Days. We go to the movies, visit state parks, play in the pool, dig out long lost toys that at one time they just had to have, and we also go to the library. When school starts next Wednesday the boys just aren't going to have the time to read for fun. So yesterday was our last visit to the library until next summer. And I'm hoping that in between now and then, the library will accidentally lose their series of "Walter the Farting Dog" books so I will no longer be forced to read them.

For today's Poetry Friday poem, here's Branch Library by Edward Hirsch

I wish I could find that skinny, long-beaked boy
who perched in the branches of the old branch library

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  1. I too have endured "Walter the farting dog", it's amazing what can get published.
    When my 3 were younger, the library was a very popular summer retreat, alas, now those days are it all that you can.
    Happy last weekend of summer break!

  2. We heart the library over here too!

  3. So cute. I've heard of this book and thought, wow. A book with a title like that would never have been published when I was little! Haha.

    Happy weekend!

  4. That is such a great tradition!! The kids will remember it forever!! =)

    I loved taking Josh to the library when he was younger. We haven't been in years. =(

  5. I can't stand that farting dog either!

  6. lol, never heard of Walter the Farting Dog. Sounds both hysterical and annoying. :)

  7. Will would pick Walter the farting dog too, sounds like you guys had a great summer!

    p.s. Angie if fart is a bad word we are all in trouble in our house.

  8. oh, i can't believe there's a book like that. ok, i can, but still... yuck.


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